The Shanghai Inter-City Pavilions’ Project takes place in the the frame of 9th Shanghai Biennale “Reactivation”.

Shanghai in its quest to become an international city, considered by many a ‘foreign” city in China, can find its own identity through the confrontation with other places, harbors and friends, that had portrayed the contemporary status of art not in a generic way, but in the punctual and relevant projects presented in each pavilion.

So, despite this general and global tendency of amalgamation and simplification, the City Pavilions’ Project stands as a memento of independence of the extraordinary local. The individuality as an irreplaceable fragment of a bigger pictures that, with no pretentions of representing the whole, gives a glimpse of it, suggesting one of the many possible interpretations as a verse of a much more complicated poem.

The cities presented are in alphabetical order and followed by the curatorial team/organization:

  • Amsterdam Henk Slager
  • Antwerp Phillipe Pirotte
  • AucklandVincent Ward
  • Bandung  Agung Jennong / Charles Esche / Defne Ayas / Davide Quadrio
  • Barcelona Julia Morandeira
  • Berlin Peter Anders
  • Bogota Juan Andres Gaitan
  • Brooklyn Cleopatra’s
  • Daejeon Kim Jiyon
  • Dakar  Koyo Kouoh
  • Detroit Rebecca Mazzei
  • Diankou Qiu Zhefeng
  • Dusseldorf Beate Reifenscheid, Qi Yang
  • Istanbul Defne Ayas / Davide Quadrio
  • Lille Metropole Pierre Giner
  • Lima Jose Carlos Mariategui, Jorge Villacorta
  • Los Angeles Lauri Firstenberg
  • Mexico City, Magali Arriola, Daniela Perez, Moscow Nikolai Molok
  • Mumbai Diana Campbell/ Susan Hapgood
  • Palermo Laura Barreca / Davide Quadrio
  • Pittsburgh Chelsea Haines
  • Rhone-Alpes (Lyon) Thierry Raspail
  • San Francisco Chris Fitzpatrick
  • Sao Paulo Adriano Pedrosa
  • Sendai Shimizu Tamotsu / Kai Kenji
  • Sydney Aaron Seto / Toby Chapman / Sharon Chen as Curatorial project manager of the Sydney City Pavilion
  • Tehran Nina Moaddel / Benham Kamrani
  • Ulan Bator Uranchimeg (Orna) Tsultem
  • Vancouver Daina Augait

Supervised by: the 9th Shanghai Biennale chief curator Qiu Zhijie and co-curators Boris Groys, Jens Hoffman and Johnson Chang Tsong-zung
Organized by:  The Organizing Committee of Shanghai Biennale; managed by Davide Quadrio, Francesca Girelli and Huang Mi. In collaboration with Shanghai Huangpu district government.

Time: 2nd October 2012 to 31st December 2012