Kampala Art Biennale was established by Kampala Arts Trust www.kampalaarts.org, a collective of visual and performance art practitioners living and working in public and private spaces within the precinct of Kampala city. It was born out of the need for inclusion faced by artists working on the African continent trying to reach the global art scene. Kampala art biennale is afro-centric in nature in that it seeks to promote only artists (foreign or native) working on the African continent by creating a vibrant and visible platform.

Founding Director: Daudi Karungi

Overarching goals:

– Educate the Kampala society about the value and importance of contemporary art in general

– Exchange between African artists and practitioners

– Exposure of Contemporary Art from Africa to Ugandans and the global artĀ audience

– Use art to build Kampala and Uganda as a preferred tourist destination

– Use art to rebuild the creative, jubilant, celebratory spirit of Kampala