Year founded: 1996
Organiser: Shanghai Art Museum


Under the authority of the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Municipal Administration of Shanghai, the Shanghai Art Museum organised the first Shanghai Biennial in 1996.

The Biennial aims to expand Shanghai’s importance as the ‘gateway to the west’ through the arts sector. Additionally, it means to serve as an international platform for the self-portrayal of China and Shanghai. The Shanghai Biennial not only provides a platform for the showcase of contemporary art production, but also forums where artists can meet, challenge their work and expand their experience.

The Shanghai Biennial offers an international exchange of ideas, while bringing together artists, curators, writers, theorists and art supporters from all around the world.
The Biennial has become a critical space of dialogue within an increasingly global art market. Additionally, the biennial is
highlighting the increasingly important role of artistic production in the Asia-Pacific region.