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We are a 100% volunteer-run organization. That means that every dollar you donate is spent directly on the educational, civic and artistic activities via one of our three main programs:

Your donation will enable us to work directly with artists to support creation of new works and projects to be presented to public of one of the biennials.

Your donation will help us develop knowledge about biennials and to educate people about biennials’ capacity to act as an engine for urban development, social transformation, and creation of a discursive public sphere. You will also help us to develop the next generation of artists, curators and cultural leaders able to navigate the global art world.

We believe that biennials create platforms for artistic, cultural and political expression in places where there are no real structures permeating the value of art and culture. Your donation will help us support networking among new and emerging biennials and the communities that host them.

If you’re based in US, your donation is 100% tax-deductible and we will be issued a receipt for the IRS.

Your donation gives you 12-month access to the following benefits:

Biennial Foundation Friend (donation $50 or more)

  • Free subscription to our members-only newsletter giving you early access to information on biennial openings, job postings, open-calls, training opportunities around the world, as well as local insights;

Biennial Foundation Supporter (donation $150 or more)

  • All the benefits of a Biennial Foundation Friend, plus:
  • Your generous support will be credited on this page;
  • Access to networking opportunities;
  • Invitations to Biennial Foundation events (excluding Annual Reception).

Biennial Foundation Benefactor (donation $2000 or more)

  • All the benefits of a Biennial Foundation Supporter, plus:
  • Invitation to the annual Biennial Foundation reception (the 2017 Annual Reception will take place on May 10 in Venice);
  • Access to customised Biennial Foundation art experiences around the world;
  • Access to the select professional and private views as a special guest;
  • Opportunity to meet leading contemporary artists in person;
  • Opportunity to engage in dialogue with leading curators, and other Biennial Foundation benefactors;
  • Priority access to artists for those who wish to commission;
  • VIP pass to the next World Biennial Forum

Biennial Foundation Commissioner

  • Support a particular art project and accompany the artist during the production process and the on site-realisation. Based on your interests, we will connect you an artists and help you with planning your travel. You will also receive all the benefits of a Biennial Foundation Benefactor. To register your interest please e-mail: @

If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact: @