If economic liberalism based on the consumer society has created to improve the productivity and development, it also and above all strengthened the profits and inequality at the expense of basic respect for people and their environments.

Lien Botha, Parrot Jungle, 2009. Courtesy Rencontres Bamako

In 2010, many African countries have celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their independence. For many this event was the time to take stock of national achievements and to look critically on the political and social structures and the distribution of wealth. 

For these “Rencontres” were invited the photographers and videographers to witness, to denounce, but also to identify areas for action, evidence of resistance or prevent the construction of a sustainable world. The different works presented approach the topic through documentary and journalistic approach or metaphorical and fictional stories.

The variety of themes and languages ​​chosen by the artists, allows to take stock of artistic production today on the continent and the diaspora.

Art Directors: Michket Krifa, Laura Serani