Artist in Wonderland, the 2012 Kuandu Biennale brings together ten artists and curators from different countries and cultural backgrounds across Asia to showcase the multitude of imagination that Asian artists have surrounding “Artist in Wonderland.”

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
29 September – 26 December 2012.

Ten international artists + ten international curators work together to expand the maximum range value of “1+1 = ?”.  It may correspond to an aesthetic speculation of the world, a subconscious outlet for imagination, a futuristic urban landscape, a disappearing landscape mapping, a pursuit of historical myths… or even romantic imaginations regarding this fantasy world of “Wonderland.”  Through the different understandings and interpretations between the real and the psychological, and the discrepancies found within the texts of dialogues, artists are able to once again write about the past, present, and future of the language of art through their works.  This particular gathering juxtaposes the immediate outlook of Asian contemporary art with its creative tenses.  On another level, it also demonstrates the styles and appearances of Asian contemporary art even as it is surrounded by the mainstream of Western art movements.

Since its first exhibition in 2008 with the theme, Dream, followed by Memories and Beyond, and now, Artist in Wonderland, the Kuandu Biennale assembles the solo exhibitions of ten artists from different countries throughout Asia to intersect and construct a chapter in contemporary art that belongs solely to Asia.  Simultaneously, in accordance with the academic orientation of university art museums, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts has planned “Asian Contemporary Art Forum,” creating a platform for dialogue that meets the methods of a non-Western style of Asian contemporary art.

It is the hope that this platform created by the Kuandu Biennale links together artists, curators, art critics, art spaces, and other art communities and exhibition mechanisms into a multi-cultural system comprised of various Asian nationalities.  With an intimate and pragmatic approach, it materializes a communication network that features a “multi-directional dialogue” for Asian contemporary art, and further promotes an opportunity for cooperation amongst its various disciplines.


  • BOO Ji-hyun + KIM Bog-gi
  • CHEN I-Chieh + WANG Po-Wei
  • Tiffany Chung + Viet Le
  • Liu Jian-Hua + Zoe Zhang Bing
  • Michael Lee + Joanna Lee
  • Pip & Pop + Sarah BOND
  • Don SALUBAYBA + Patrick D. FLORES
  • TSUI Kuang-Yu + HUANG Chien-Hung
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