Works submitted to the Biennale may be those of Russian or foreign artists of the new generation, working in the field of contemporary art with the latest strategies, concepts, and techniques.

Application time frame for the 2014 Biennale is from November 12, 2013 until January 30, 2014.

Applications for participation in the Biennale will only be accepted through the official website of the Biennale by filling in an electronic form according to the instructions provided on the «How to fill out an application» page. Applications for participation in the Biennale are accepted within the time announced by the organizers biannually; the application time frame for the 2014 Biennale is from November 12 until January 30.

Works submitted to the Biennale may be those of Russian or foreign artists of the new generation, working in the field of contemporary art with the latest strategies, concepts, and techniques (individual, collective, or as part of curatorial projects). Artists of the new generation are defined as those whose age at the time of the opening of the Biennale does not exceed 35 years.

The right to apply for participation in the Biennale is limited to the authors of projects (artists and curators in the case of a curatorial project) and non-commercial artistic institutions.

Applications for the strategic projects of the Biennale or for curators (curator groups) which will take place in the exhibition spaces provided by the organizers of the Biennale, the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), are received regardless of financial means. Expenses related to the organization and realization of the strategic projects will be covered by resources from the government budget, regional government budgets and non-governmental sources.

Applications for curatorial projects of the Biennale’s parallel program and for the special projects are accepted only from organizations provided they have a space and guaranteed financing.

The application process is free. Authors and curators will not receive payment. Copyright remains the author’s. The organizers of the Biennale do not guarantee financing for the production of works or the provision of an exhibition budget.  In applying for the Biennale, the artist is complying with the conditions and requirements shown in the application.

Applications can be submitted for both works already realized and displayed as well as for unrealized works, the development of which is shown in a detailed sketch. There are no restrictions on the number, type, genre and technique of execution. The main curator (curator group) will consider all applications and compile a selection of participants in the Biennale.

  • For solo projects, complete an application for an individual project.
  • For group projects, complete an application for the project with information about each participant in the collective.
  • For one artist or group of artists submitting more than one project, complete a separate application form for each project.
  • For a curator project, complete a separate application for a curator project which contains an additional form for each work in the project.
  • All sections, excluding patronymic and pseudonym, must be completed.
  • All information must be completed in Russian and English.
  • When filling in the section marked «e-mail» only one email address may be given.
  • At least one image of the work / project must be submitted in the form of a photograph or sketch.
  • A portrait photograph of the author of each project must be submitted.
  • All uploaded images must be of a quality sufficient for printing (the resolution of which must not be less than 300dpi, minimum size of 10×15 cm). Downloadable images must be submitted in JPEG, GIF and PNG formats. Files may not exceed 3MB per file.
  • Uploading videos is forbidden, but a hyperlink to a video may be included in the «Detailed description of the project» section if desired. 12. To add information about the author of the project, click «Add author». To add another author, click the «Add Author» again. If necessary, any information about the author of the project can be changed by clicking on his name in the email application.
  • If the application has not been completely filled out, an error message will appear after «Submit» has been clicked and the application will not be submitted. For your convenience, it is possible to save the form; simply click «Save». It will then be possible to open a saved application form and complete it at a later date.
  • It is possible to view all applications saved to your personal account. Note the status of your application, only applications marked «completed application» will be considered.
  • Please read the conditions specified at the bottom of the form carefully, and tick the appropriate checkbox.

The application form you find here.