For the duration of the 31st Bienal de São Paulo, ‘How to (…) things that don’t exist’, Afterall is allowing free access to a selection of Afterall journal articles on or by ‘participants’ of the exhibition.

The 31st Bienal de São Paulo is curated by a team including Afterall’s Charles Esche, Pablo Lafuente and Nuria Enguita Mayo, and continues until Sunday 7 December 2014.

The current issue of Afterall includes features on artists Juan Downey and Otobong Nkanga, also taking part in the 31st Bienal: ‘How to (…) things that don’t exist’.

Articles in Afterall:

Yael Bartana

Loudspeaker and Flag: Yael Bartana, from Documentation to Conjuration by Volker Pantenburg

María Berríos

Undocumented Rumours and Disappearing Acts from Chile by María Berríos

Josef Dabernig: A Sort of Introduction by María Berríos

Tony Chakar

To Speak Shadow by Tony Chakar

Chto Delat

An Issue of Organisation: Chto Delat? By Dmitry Vilensky and Gerard Raunig

Sheela Gowda

The Specific Labour of Sheela Gowda by Trevor Smith

Sheela Gowda and Christoph Storz in conversation with Suman Gopinath

Nilbar Güreş

Visiting the Viewpoints of Others: On the Camouflaged Portraits of Nilbar Güreş by Mihnea Mircan

Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti

The Future Archaeology of Israel’s Colonisation by Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti and Eyal Weizman

Miguel A. López

How Do We Know What Latin American Conceptualism Looks Like? by Miguel A. López

Lia Perjovschi

Lia Perjovschi: Economy and Collection of Care in Transition by Ovidiu Tichindeleanu

Alejandra Riera and UEINZZ

How to Engage with It? Addressing Alejandra Riera’s Maquetas-sin-cualidad by Angelika Bartl

Inhuman Polyphony in the Theatre of Madness by Peter Pál Pelbart

Pedro G. Romero

Preparatory Notes for Poetics and Politics Among Flamenco and Modern Artists: A Paradoxical Place by Pedro G. Romero


Ruangrupa: A Conversation on Horizontal Organisation by Nuraini Juliastuti

Teatro da Vertigem

Performing the ‘Thing’: Teatro da Vertigem’s Bom Retiro 958 metros by Diana Taylor

You can use the search function on Afterall’s site to find further articles on other artists in the Bienal’s exhibition, including Walid Raad, Bik Van der Pol, Edward Krasiński, Asger Jorn,Tamar Guimarães, and Erick Beltrán.

31st Bienal de São Paulo: ‘How to (…) things that don’t exist’
6 September – 7 December 2014

Ibirapuera Park
Gate 3
Bienal Pavilion
São Paulo

Free admission. Opening hours: Tuesday–Friday, Sunday and holidays: 9.00–19.00 (last entry 18.00); Wednesday, Saturday: 9.00–22.00 (last entry 21.00). For more information visit the Bienal de São Paulo website.

Image: Visual identity for the Biennial with drawing by Prabhakar Pachpute.

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