Screen City Biennial returns in October for its third edition

Screen City 2017

Screen City Biennial 2017
Migrating Stories
October 12–31, 2017
Opening weekend: October 12–15
Stavanger harbour

Screen City Biennial in Stavanger, the first Nordic Biennial dedicated to the expanded moving image in public space, returns in October for its third edition (previously Screen City Festival 2013 and 2015). The Biennial presents artworks that explore relations between the moving image, sound, technology and urban space. The architectures of Stavanger will facilitate artworks of the expanded moving image in three-dimensional, multi-sensual and tactile experiences, together with screening programs and gallery installations.

Migrating Stories
After decades of intense globalization the world finds itself looking inwards—despite continuing technological developments and networked communication. The very idea of migration is trapped in the gap between a vision of global co-existence and fear of the other. Can art respond to that?

The Screen City Biennial 2017 brings these concerns to a global perspective following recent redefinitions of geographies, borders and identity in relation to space and belonging. Entitled Migrating Stories, the 2017 Biennial takes contemporary conditions of movement as a point of departure and thematic framework for examining the complex forms of transition today. The Biennial presents expanded moving image artworks from a broad international range of artists dealing with current complexities relating to migration. Artworks reflect upon journeys, diaspora and post-colonialism, transformation of place, and “alien” realities. Hailing from several different countries across the globe, the artists’ practices will also address topics surrounding a post-oil future and, migration in relation to climate change.

Biennial context and program
The program unfolds primarily in the Stavanger harbour area, which—given its architectonic position in the landscape—holds a special position in addressing current complexities relating to migration. Exhibitions also unfold in Stavanger’s art institutions and venues including Stavanger Concert Hall, Stavanger Kunsthall and Kunstmuseum, Maritime Museum, Rogaland Kunstsenter, Tou Scene m.m.

The Biennial presents the works of:
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (IN) / Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo (KOR/US) / Dana Levy (ISR) / David Blandy (UK) / Duncan Speakman (UK) / Enrique Ramirez (CL) / Eric Corriel (US) / Evangelia Kranioti (GR) / HC Gilje (NO) / John Cleater (US) / John Craig Freeman (US) / Larry Achiampong (UK) / Lodovica Guarnieri (T) / Lorenzo Gerbi (IT) / Lotic (US) / Marcel Odenbach (DE) / Marcus Neustetter (SA) / Margarida Paiva (PT/NO) / Maria von Hausswolff (SE) / Matti Aikio (NO/FI/SAMI) / Mirelle Borra (NL) / Olivia Gilchrist (JM/FR) / Rona Yefman (ISR) / Sam Wolson (US) / Shezad Dawood (UK) / Søren Thilo Funder (DK) / Tanja Schlander (DK) / Telcosystems (NL) / Tobias Zielony (DE) / Transforma (DE) / Trevor Snapp (US/KE) / Utopian Union (International) / Yael Bartana (ISR) / Yucef Merhi (VZ) / Vasco Araújo (PT)

The full Screen City Biennial program combines exhibitions, screenings and installations of the expanded moving image with particular attention to its installation in public space, and a symposium series that ties in with the Biennial’s Research Program. The Biennial program will be extended via an online research journal, audience app and printed catalogue.

Artworks include video, live cinema, audio-visual art, light art, virtual and augmented reality, and computer gaming: each presenting contemporary spatial experience in technologically advanced image environments, integrating with the urban context.

Screen City Biennial 2017 is curated by Daniela Arriado (Chile/Norway) and Tanya Toft (Denmark).

Opening weekend
The opening weekend will mark the 2017 Biennial launch of artworks, screenings, performances and symposium events, along the city-harbor and at local art venues. The symposium will consist of curator conversations introducing the Biennial’s program and point of departure in the theme Migrating Stories, artist talk and round table discussions exploring topics of Aesthetics of Repair / Migratory Art, Expanded Reality / Migratory Aesthetics, and Expanded Art in Public Space.

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