Gangwon Triennale is seeking to appoint an Artistic Director for the first edition in 2021

Gangwon Triennale

Application deadline : July 24,2019 / GMT+18:00 Korea Standard time

The Gangwon Triennale (GT/Gangwon International Art Festival) organizing committee under The Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation (GWCF) is actively seeking an experienced and innovative artistic director who will comprehensively work towards achieving the vision of the 1st Gangwon Triennale.

The GT organizing committee is scheduled to select an artistic director for the 1st Gangwon Triennale through open recruitment alongside the candidate recommendation through the selection committee. The selection committee which is composed of artistic directors and curators who are currently active in their chosen field will choose the most qualified candidates based upon their experiences of planning and curating exhibitions both at home and abroad. The committee will complete the selection of an artistic director for the 1st Gangwon Triennale by August 2019. and will begin its preparations for the Gangwon Triennale in earnest.

The Deadline to submit resumes and applications is July 24, 2019. For consideration, please submit a resume and completed application by email to @.

For detailed information, please click here.

Major Responsibilities include:

Plan all of the exhibitions, activities and events of the 1st Gangwon Triennale(GT)
Establish strong working relationships with the exhibiting artists
Seek out new partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, both on a local and international basis
Develop and maintain relationships with local artists, galleries, and other arts institutions
Promote GT and publicize its activities
Maintain the knowledge of significant developments and trends throughout the field

Capability of and commitment to the exhibitions that embody the identity, history, culture, and future of the Gangwon Triennale and Gangwon Province
Understanding of and expertise in contemporary art and the ability to communicate effectively with the artists and related experts
Possess a high level of understanding of the art triennale system and experience with curating either a biennale, a triennale or exhibitions on an international scale and of roughly the equivalent character and content

Candidates should possess:

Meaningful commitment to and a deep interest in contemporary art from the region
Dedication to enhancing the reputation and public image of GT
Experience working closely with and reporting to the GT organizing committee and the GWCF Executive Board
Leadership experience with a demonstrated record of impact measured by such factors as fiscal sustainability, organizational growth, critical recognition, and audience development
Strong writing skills and the ability to think conceptually and creatively for the advancement of the GT

About Gangwon Triennale (GT)

The Gangwon Triennale (GT/Gangwon International Art Festival) is the only Nomadic Triennale among the art exhibitions that take place in South Korea. It aims to create and share artworks that can only be expressed within Gangwon Province by utilizing the culture, history and landscape of 18 cities and counties in Gangwon Province, and to add a depth of experience and exchanges with residents as well as an appreciation of the works of art in nature. It seeks an engagement with various art forms and experiences and the alternative methods of knowledge production and distribution. Also, the GT seeks to support local and regional contemporary artists and facilitate the creation and realization of projects as well as forge interaction among local and international cultural players.

About Gangwon Province

Gangwon Province, which hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics and the 2018 Winter Paralympics, is known as South Korea’s largest mountain region located in the central area of the Korean Peninsula. There you will find the largest mountain range in the country, the Taebaek Mountains, and you can also see East sea, the bluish sea on the right side of the country. The northern border is the DMZ(Demilitarized zone) separated from North Korea’s Gangwon Province. Prior to the division of Korea in 1945, Gangwon province was formed as a single province. It currently consists of 18 cities and counties. The total area of Gangwon Province is 16,873.51 square kilometers with a population of about 1,600,000.