Manifesta 13 Marseille announces the final selection of its parallel events programme Les Parallèles du Sud

Les Parallèles du Sud

Manifesta 13 Marseille is delighted to announce the final list of the Les Parallèles du Sud participants, Manifesta 13 Marseille’s collateral programme that will take place from the 7th of June to the 1st of November 2020. Since starting to shape Manifesta 13 Marseille and engrained within the bid of Marseille, creating sustainable collaborations between local, regional and international cultural partners was at the core of Manifesta’s mission.

Manifesta 13 Marseille would particularly like to thank the Région Sud for its support for Les Parallèles du Sud and its continuous encouragement.

Reflecting upon the main ambitions of Manifesta 13 Marseille, the programme Les Parallèles du Sud aims to highlight the need of the local cultural scene to develop long-lasting connections and creative collaborations between regional and international professionals, cultural producers, associations and institutions.

Les Parallèles du Sud aims to highlight the local arts scene.

After a successful call for applications, with 380 received from all over the world, Manifesta 13 Marseille is proud to announce that of the 96 selected projects, 75% are from institutions, associations, galleries, artists and curators based in the Région Sud, a strong reflection of the rich cultural scene of Marseille and its region whilst simultaneously celebrating international collaborations.

Applications were open to public and private institutions, associations, artists and professionals from all artistic disciplines at local, national and international levels, as well as to professionals from outside the artistic and cultural field. The jury, comprised of Hedwig Fijen, Director of Manifesta; Colette Barbier, Director of Fondation d’entreprise Ricard; Alya Sebti, member of Manifesta 13 Marseille’s Artistic Team; and artist Michèle Sylvander, commented on the high quality of all submissions.

Les Parallèles du Sud aims to create sustainable relations between local and international partners as a legacy to the Host city and the surrounding region

The 350 selected participants including local, national and international artists, curators, galleries, researchers, filmmakers, art academies and associations from the UK, Germany, the Baltic States, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Kosovo, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Greece, Congo, Cameroon, United States, Belgium, Norway, among other countries, will collaborate to present their projects.

Each of the 96 selected projects features an international dimension and includes one local partner as project coordinator. Through these active and sustainable collaborations, the projects echo the questions raised by the concept of Traits d’union.s and reflect the position and ambition of Manifesta 13 Marseille.

The support of the Région Sud, with €500,000 directly designated to the local and regional partners involved in the parallel events, supports the goal of Manifesta 13 Marseille to create a legacy that, through the creation of new networks and collaborations at local, regional, national and international levels, will remain after the biennial ends in 2020.

Les Parallèles du Sud will positively feature the diversity of the region with eclectic projects and participants

The great diversity of participants involved within Les Parallèles du Sud promises a dynamic programme for Manifesta 13 Marseille’s visitors.

Among the 350 participants, 200 are visual artists, of which 80 are based in the Région Sud, including Wilfrid Almendra, Cabanon Vertical, Gethan & Miles, Cari Gonzalez Casanova, Ildi Eldi collective,Goeffroy Mathieu, Olivier Millagou, Abraham
Poincheval, Dania Reymond-Boughenou, Jean-Baptiste Sauvage, Sud Side, and Rara Woulib, to name just a few. Fifty percent of all participating visual artists are women, including Anouk Kruithof (NL), Ilana Salama Ortar (EG), Watanabe Chikako (JP), Steffani Jemison (USA), Regina Hübner (AT), Mounira Al Solh (LB), Ursula Biemann (CH), and Himali Singh Soin (UK).

The programme Les Parallèles du Sud will consist of a series of events including talks, performances and screenings within local networks such as members of Marseille expos (Marseille) or Botox(s) (Nice, Monaco and Embrun), and will highlight the work of emerging local nonprofit organisations, artist-run initiatives and offspaces in Marseille and the surrounding region. The parallel programme will also consist of both group and solo exhibitions within institutions, including a solo show by Swiss artist Ursula Biemann in Mamac, Nice; French artist Nicolas Floc’h at the FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Marseille; and a solo show by Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh at the Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille.

Les Parallèles du Sud will also feature partnerships with prominent regional festivals such as Les Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles. Many public events will be organised by major local institutions from all disciplines (visual arts, film, theatre, dance, live performance), such as the FID (Marseille International Film Festival), Festival de Marseille, Ballet National de Marseille, Villa Arson (National School of Art, Nice), among others.

Out of the nearly one hundred projects, almost 40 exhibitions and installations will mark the five months of the biennial, travelling from Marseille to Nice, from Arles to Avignon, from Port de Bouc to Aix-en-Provence, passing through Embrun in the southern alps.

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