Year founded: Founded 2005
Organiser: Athens Biennale Non-Profit Organization


The Athens Biennale functions within an international network of large-scale periodic contemporary art events.

The Athens Biennale emerged from the intense cultural activity that makes Athens one of the most interesting places for contemporary art. It aims to be an agent of constant change and innovation, to provide a context for creativity and dialogue. It intends to function as a wide platform for critical engagement and local artistic production. Lastly, it functions as a forum for exchange with the international scene.

In parallel with the exhibition, the Athens Biennale produces AB Projects, lthe bilingual online magazine a. the athens contemporary art review and the online radio station artwave radio. It also organises conferences and presentations, publishes books, and supports the participation of artists in other international exhibitions. The AB Non-Profit Organization is the organizer of the Athens Biennale. Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Poka-Yio, and Augustine Zenakos (XYZ) founded it in November 2005.