BIENNIAL FOUNDATION is an independent not-for-profit arts organization.

Its mission is to provide advocacy and thought leadership for the international arts community and to engage and inspire diverse non-professional audiences by actively fostering the study, recognition and appreciation of perennial exhibitions of contemporary art, design and architecture commonly known as “biennials”.

In furtherance of its mission, BIENNIAL FOUNDATION:

  • develops and maintains a highly-visible on-line interface functioning as the REFERENCE point for biennials world-wide;
  • supports or produces relevant ARTISTIC and CREATIVE projects;
  • organizes or contributes to EDUCATIONAL initiatives and cultural experiences for diverse professional and non-professional audiences (such as conferences, workshops, training programs, guided visits, publications);
  • fosters interdisciplinary research and production of KNOWLEDGE related to contemporary biennials and exhibitions around the world;
  • provides ADVICE for individuals, associations, and institutions intending to enrich their local infrastructure for contemporary art by setting up a new international exhibition or perennial art event.