AFiRIperFOMA, which has its administrative headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, is an artists and curators led non-profit organization and collective of performance/live artists in Africa.
It is a networking and discursive platform for the expansion of contemporary performance/live art in African continent.

AFiRIperFOMA was founded in 2011 by the Nigerian sculptor, video and performance artist, Jelili Atiku.


It is indisputable that before the advent of colonialism in Africa, performance/live art was a popular art form in the continent. As a matter of fact, African art, which is known to have, contributed immensely to our modern civilization and stands as one of the most different legacies on our earth; lays heavy emphasis on performance/live art. The numerous costumes and superior ancient African art sculptures, especially masks that are in reputable museums, galleries and art institutions all over the world were created for use in performance milieus. Performance/live art is an integral part of African visual culture.

However, there was a glaring transmutation of this culture when the continent was under imperialism. Recently, the practice in the continent is flourishing and deep in a contemporary visual culture. There are several performance/live artists in the continent whose works have display great are dynamism, vitality and combination of three-dimensional values as seen in ancient African art.

AFiRIperFOMA therefore mainly focuses to:

– inspire and promote contemporary performance/live art and its practitioners in Africa

– develop educational and public programmes that will promote and enhance the practice of performance / live art in Africa continent

– create a sustainable platform for the screening and presentation of New Media art in Nigeria

– organize rotational biennial performance festival in African countries

It aims at:

– providing current information about performance/live art projects, professional development initiatives, and resources in Africa and other continents

– organizing, hosting and curating performance/life art of both established and emerging artists in Africa

– organizing  a series of educational and public programs on performance/live art in Africa

– build on international networks and capabilities by partnering with institutions that promote performance art/live art

Presently AFiRIperFOMA relys on internal generated fund for its activities;  its source of fun is however hoped on grants, donations, etc.