Year founded: 2008
Organiser: Dojima River Forum


The Dojima River Biennale takes place in the centre of Osaka, Japan’s second largest city, and is organized by the Dojima River Forum, located on the banks of the Dojima River.

The biennale was established in 2008 in preparation for the ‘Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009 Project’, which set out to re-imagine Osaka as a Water Metropolis, ‘raising awareness of the beautiful rivers that run through the city’, that were once considered to be a major symbol of the metropolis.

The Dojima River Biennale’s overall theme is the current, ever changing ‘environment’ and ‘what is happening on a global stage’. As an initiative to contribute to the improvement of the environment in the Kansai region, it aims to inspire and energize the Nakanoshima district, in the city centre of Osaka, and the riverside area of Dojima specifically.