FotoFest, a platform for art and ideas, presents the first and longest-running international Biennial of photography and new media art in the United States.

A cultural non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, FotoFest organizes year-round exhibitions and a classroom-based learning program, Literacy Through Photography that uses photography as a tool to strengthen student writing and learning skills.

Founded in 1983, FotoFest has curated or presented groundbreaking exhibitions on photo-based art from Latin America, China, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Korea, Japan, England, Germany, France, the Middle East and North Africa. It has created presentations on Latino photography in the U.S., African-American women artists, new photographers from Texas, artists working with digital technologies, and Contemporary U.S. Photography. FotoFest’s exhibition programs have addressed a range of issues, including the Global Environment, LGBTQ+ communities, the events of 9/ll, Guantánamo, Artists Responding to Violence, and Water – The Global Crisis. FotoFest’s year-round school and community-based learning program, Literacy Through Photography, uses photography to stimulate visual literacy, comprehension, writing and analytical thinking in over 90 classrooms throughout Houston.

FotoFest is a founding member of the international network of photography festivals, the Festival of Light.