Year founded: 2013
Organiser: THE SOAP ROOM


Innsbruck International is a biennial of contemporary arts where international and national artists are invited to present their works at outstanding venues around the city.

The Innsbruck International – Biennial of the Arts in 2013 used the interface of Innsbruck to investigate the self, torn between Fear, Hope, and Happiness, while the following installment in 2016, named Je,…/I,…/Ich,…, was concerned with the current obsession with the self. Innsbruck International 2018, a thematically linked third installment, will now deal with the future of the self.

Innsbruck International – Biennial of the Arts is organised by The Soap Room, an off-space dedicated to the presence and recognition of national and international contemporary art in Innsbruck. The Soap Room is a member of Innsbruck Contemporary.