"It is art that makes the integration of nature, science and technology, and humanity possible. We believe that only art can reveal a new vision for the future by bringing together diverse knowledge and creative minds, encouraging collaboration beyond individual fields of work and activities rooted in community, and imparting philosophical perspectives and the joy of living."

KENPOKU ART is sited in a region in the North of Ibaraki Prefecture known for its natural beauty: hills, mountains, green forests and the pacific ocean. The region comprising of sic regional cities is also an important heritage site which played a major role in Japan’s modernization in the Meiji era and thereafter. Located only approximately 150 km from Tokyo, it is a place where traditional culture meets modern technology and urban influence of the Japan’s capital. As home to several universities, including the University of Tsukuba, and the site of the international exposition, Tsukuba Expo ’85, Ibaraki Prefecture is a hub for the development of both art and science and technology in Japan.

As an art festival, KENPOKU ART 2016 builds on this long legacy. Through it, we highlight the spirit of innovation in Ibaraki and focus on collaboration between art and cutting-edge science and technology while engaging in dialogue with nature. In the present day, art is no longer limited to paintings and sculpture. Media art using science and technology and even art applying biology that may transform the next generation are emerging. Ibaraki is the perfect place for this art festival, which introduces the new potential of art.