Year founded: 1997
Organiser: Fundación Ortiz Gurdian


Nicaragua Biennial was created by the Ortiz Gurdian Foundation as a nonprofit institution to assist in the cultural development of Nicaragua and Central America. Its main objective is the creation of a mechanism to provide Nicaraguan artists a space of healthy competition, to enhance their training and their exposure abroad.

To date there have been nine editions of the Biennial of Nicaragua including the one held in 2014. The tenth edition, to be held in February 2016 will be an international event curated by Oliver Martinez Kandt.

Ortiz Gurdian funded by the Foundation since 1996 was created by Patricia Gurdián and Ramiro Ortiz Mayorgaz, philanthropists from the city of Leon. The foundation combines a cultural program with the Biennial of Nicaragua and Fight Against Breast Cancer program whose goal is to educate, diagnose and treat Nicaraguan women.

Since 1997, year of its first edition, the Biennial of Nicaragua has been continuously exploring languages ​​of contemporary art and promoting the artistic development of Nicaragua and Central America. Its influence has reached private entrepreneurs in Central America by encouraging the creation of similar organizations that have instituted biennial in their countries, including: the Central American Biennial Visual Arts, featuring artists from the six countries of the Central America.