Postcolonial Africa is an interlocking of forms, signs and languages. These forms, signs and languages are the expression of a world striving to shape its own existence. - Achille Mbembe

N’GOLÁ Biennial af Arts and Culture wishes to expand the multitude of perceptions surrounding the African continent. While we feed on the inspiration of history and global issues, we focus on creating alternative and positive future narratives. N’GOLÁ Biennial of Arts and Culture will underline the power of African arts and culture and the way African artists and designers contribute to the future of society. The event will present a self-confident generation of African artists who are now rapidly reshaping their culture.

N’GOLÁ Biennial of Arts and Culture is a place where art and inspiring dialogues form catalysts for a more connected humanity. Ultimately and ideally, this brings the global North and South and the rest of the African continent closer together in order to exchange, collaborate, be inspired and learn from one another. N’GOLÁ Biennial of Arts and Culture facilitates a democratic playing field for Africa’s creative spirits, dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of African contemporary art and culture.​