Year founded: 2010
Organiser: Biennal of the Americas


The Biennial of the Americas is an international event celebrating the ideas, culture, and people of North, Central, and South America.

The Biennial of the Americas is an international event that celebrates the culture, ideas, and people of the Americas by providing a global stage for leaders in business, government, nongovernmental organizations, philanthropy, and the arts to come together and examine the critical issues impacting life in the Americas. Denver, a city filled with energy, a pioneering spirit, and natural beauty, is the ideal location to host this groundbreaking event and build lasting social, economic, and cultural networks.

The Americas are known for their abundance of natural resources, from oil and gold to agricultural and geographic diversity. While the Western Hemisphere has been politically focused on serious challenges such as drug-trafficking and immigration, it has also undergone a quiet but profound social transformation with great accomplishments that are worthy of celebration.

The majority of the hemisphere’s countries are governed by democratically-elected governments, making it one of the most pro-democracy regions in the world with flourishing cultural and artistic traditions.

Across Latin America there is a burgeoning middle class rising from fresh economic development and making bi-lateral partnerships with the United States and Canada both attractive and important. Finally, new strides toward sustainable energy, public health, education, and poverty reduction, among others, mean dialogue has become an even more exciting and valuable tool toward social progress throughout the Americas. Despite the wealth of accomplishments, shared interests, and cultural traditions, far too little attention is paid to the Americas as a whole.

The Biennial of the Americas, therefore, seeks to create a cultural legacy, an ideas festival, which reorients the hemisphere along north-south lines and promotes greater collaboration and cohesion among the 35 nations of the Western Hemisphere.