Year founded: 2005
Organiser: Riwaq - Centre for Architectural Conservation, Ramallah, in partnership with Birzeit University, UNESCO (Ramallah Office), Art School Palestine.


The starting point of the Riwaq Biennial is to advance Riwaq's aim of protecting and promoting cultural heritage in Palestine.

The starting point of the Riwaq Biennale is to advance Riwaq’s aim of protecting and promoting cultural heritage in Palestine. Riwaq is the Centre of Architectural Conservation in Ramallah, and the biennial, in contrary to many other biennials, is named after an organization rather than a place.

Riwaq’s central goal is to protect, utilize and promote cultural heritage in Palestine through tangible and intangible projects of rehabilitation and revitalization. The conditions of cultural production under occupation make it difficult to justify taking an extravagant approach to curating a biennial in Palestine. Riwaq’s engagements extend beyond its walls into the many architectural installations and interventions realized in a number of towns and villages.

The Riwaq Biennale marks Riwaq’s approach of openness, networking and dialoguing, not only with cultural heritage organizations but also with the community at large, both locally and internationally. The Riwaq Biennale is structured around curated site visits, gatherings and projects in the Palestinian territories, organized in partnership with local institutions and communities.