Year founded: 2013
Organiser: Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee


As part of the activities conducted under the "Creative City Sapporo" initiative the city of Sapporo establishes the Sapporo International Art Festival as a triennale project.

Sapporo International Art Festival will be based on the two resources City and Nature.

While making international contemporary art the main focus, Sapporo International Art Festival will merge various cultural genres, such as music and performing art, and exhibit them in art and cultural facilities, as well as many types of public locations and natural environments in the city.

Main goals:

1. Creating unique lifestyles in Sapporo filled with art and culture

Provide many opportunities where locals can experience and see globally advanced high-quality art and culture.

2. Nurturing people to support Sapporo’s unique art and culture

Give locals the opportunity to interact with artists from all over Japan and the world and support local artists’ education and development.

3. Finding and creating new aspects of Sapporo’s attractiveness
and value through the power of art and culture

Use art to transmit the many charms of Sapporo, such as its northern climate, history, traditional culture, abundant natural environment and metropolitan resources, and further highlight the attractions of the city and create new values.

4. Attracting and interacting with various people that represent
the Creative City Sapporo initiative

By confronting global urban challenges and creating/displaying a unique form of advanced art, the global presence of Sapporo will become stronger regarding art and culture, leading to various human resources that could support the Creative City Sapporo initiative gathering in and interacting with Sapporo.