Year founded: 2008
Organiser: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


Organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the Taiwan Biennial is part of the museum's ongoing commitment to document and promote the rich history of Taiwan's fine arts.

Central to the theme of the Taiwan Biennial is to explore the current state of Taiwanese contemporary artists and artist-run initiatives. By conducting research and curating exhibitions on the work of Taiwanese contemporary artists, the organizers hope to promote understanding and discussions on issues raised by the exhibition, and in so doing to further their vision and mission.

The Taiwan Biennial serves also as a platform of exchange of views and knowledge among all Taiwanese artists. By documenting and exhibiting the artistic currents of our time, the biennial event helps to promote in-depth exploration and discussion related to the historical, cultural and artistic contexts of the works, as well as active inquiry into signifying practice and the nature of contemporary art.