Year founded: 2012
Organiser: Center of Contemporary Art –Tbilisi (CCAT)


CCA Tbilisi has initiated an idiosyncratic dissemination platform: a Triennial not only implying visual art, but also including a focus on art education and its related forms of research.

In the world of visual art, many events have come to the fore with a strong focus on the art academy’s status in both the cultural and theoretical arena. Strikingly, these events all seemed to continuously draw attention to strict and one-dimensional processes such as attempts to define artistic knowledge production. Those forms of one-dimensionality necessitate investigating anew what art academies are about.

In order to tackle such forms of one-dimensionality and replace them by fluent modes of investigation, CCA Tbilisi has initiated in 2012 an idiosyncratic dissemination platform: a Triennial not only implying visual art, but also including a focus on art education and its related forms of research.

Curatorial tools include inviting keynote artists who have demonstrated in their practices the ability to articulate a stance with respect to art academies and art education; building experimental education platforms where international academies demonstrate and disseminate their specific view on visual art, art education, and research in a number of presentations; organizing the “Academy as Exhibition”; and discussing various practices through a number of forums.