Year founded: 1989
Organiser: WRO Media Art Center Foundation


The WRO Media Art Biennale is one of the leading forums for new media art in Poland and Central Europe.

Since its inception in December 1989, WRO has been devoted to art forms using contemporary means of creation and communication, presenting the work of highly renowned artists as well as debuts by young newcomers.

WRO started out as the Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, and was originally devoted mainly to audiovisual works in formats including video and computer art, installations, performances and multimedia presentations. Since 1993, the festival – now a biennial event – has also explored the new strategies and territories of digital artistic expression. It highlights individualistic approaches to the technology of art, global trends affecting artists and vice versa, the merging of high culture with pop and the changing role of artistic experimentation in the contemporary  cultural landscape.

The WRO Media Art Biennale features an international competition, along with special exhibitions and programs overseen by guest curators, performances and topical conferences such as WRO 97’s Geo/InfoTerritory, WRO 03’s Globalica and WRO 09’s Expanded City.

The WRO Biennale is held in Wrocław in early May in odd-numbered years. It is organized by the WRO Media Art Center Foundation as part of the WRO Art Center’s activities.