The second edition of Mediations Biennale is comprised of two exhibitions: “Beyond Mediations” and “Erased Walls”.

Beyond Mediations

Curators: Tsutomu Mizusawa and  Ryszard W. Kluszczyński 

Curators about the concept of the exhibition: Beyond is intended to mean that only art can bridge gaps that exist between people. (…)The distance that separates us is conditioned by a vast number of factors. Ironically, the process of globalization made it all even more complex, while many people became more conscious of the fact, sometimes even obsessed with its burden. The division lines are countless. Among others, we are separated by biological conditioning (sex, skin colour) and social issues (nationality), or geopolitical limitations (borders). The cultural tradition, which would be expected to be more flexible and fluid, not infrequently transforms into narrow-minded nationalism. Overcoming, going beyond those limitations might be difficult. The further one goes the harder it becomes to shake off the anxiety of alienation from the self. Without doubt, art is the most sophisticated cultural medium created by human, and only art will be able to lead us beyond the distance.

Erased Walls

Curators: Georgi Begun, Noam Braslavsky, Juraj Čarný, Nika Kukhtina, Matthias Reichelt, Sławomir Sobczak, Raman Tratsiuk & Volha Maslouskaya, Marianne Wagner and Tomasz Wendland.

The curators will focus on the creative work after 2000, with an emphasis on the latest art, unconstrained by geopolitics. Erasing of the frontiers does not apply exclusively to our region anymore. All over the world, the walls that were physically torn down, have been replaced by invisible ones – whose existence is all the more efficacious and poignant because of their imperceptibility. Political divisions are now being exchanged for new ones, those associated with the dominance of the capital, social supremacy, poverty, media manipulation, the feeling of solitariness and exclusion. The artists, by constructing an image, arrive at reflections otherwise unattainable, which cannot be devised by means of language or document. An image is frequently a close-up quotation from reality, which, having been extracted from the mundanity and then presented in a different light shed by art, becomes surprisingly distinct.

“Erased Walls” is a part of European exhibition project, in frames of which two other exhibitions will be presented in Berlin (1-30.10.2010) and Bratislava (3.10-3.12).

The artistic events of the accompanying programme: “HUB or SChUB transforma(c)tion” in cooperation with Łódź Biennale, curated by Mariusz Sołtysik and Aurelia Mandziuk and “SKIN – Extreme pleasure, Extreme pain. Art from Argentina and Urugway”, curated by Enrique Badaro. The accompanying programme will take place in several galleries, among others “Arsenał” Municipal Gallery, and public places all over the city.

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