The Biennale de Paris presented as a “parallel, underground and outlaw world of art” in the USA a board program of lectures and speed workshops.

The activities took place in

  • New York (Queens Museum of Art, Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Grace Space Exhibition, Space & Gallery, New York University, Galleries and museums network selected by the agents of the Guide and Legrand to the Art Openings, Union Square, private and public spaces)
  • New Haven (Yale University School of Art) 
  • Los Angeles (That’s Painting, Gyst Ink, Scoops)
  • Houston (The Center for Land Use Interpretation)


Karen Atkinson
Marek Bartelik
Nancy Barton
Bernard Brunon
Sylvie Chan-Liat
Isabelle de Maison Rouge
Jean-Baptiste Farkas
Tom Finkelpearl
Don Foresta
Emmanuel Germond
Alexandre Gurita
Caroline Keppi-Gurita
Tai Kim
Auguste Legrand
André Éric Létourneau
Jill McDermid
Ghislain Mollet-Viéville
Robert Storr

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