The 2nd edition of Asia Triennial Manchester comprises fourteen exhibitions plus events and fimscreenings. Here a selection of four.

Asia Triennial Manchester II
01.10.- 27.11.2011

“From Kashmir to Kandy: A South Asian Odyssey”
14 July – 30 October
The John Rylands Library
Christie Gallery

From Kashmir to Kandy features beautifully illuminated manuscripts, works of classical literature such as the Mahãbhãrata, ornate palm-leaf manuscripts from Burma and Sri Lanka, revealing letters from Nehru and Jinnah – the founding fathers of India and Pakistan – and material exploring links between South Asia and Manchester.

“Made for Manchester: Craft Objects of Exchange”
17 September – 12 November
Manchester Craft & Design Centre

Made For Manchester shows work from British and Indian makers, who have explored, united and utilized each other’s creative worlds.

“Dark Matters”
24 September – 15 January
Whitworth Art Gallery

Dark Matters at the Whitworth Art Gallery is an exhibition of British and international artists centred on the theme of shadow, technology and art. These contemporary works present the visual ‘tool’ of shadow, an ancient strategy to inspire wonder, craft illusion and create narrative, but all the works have a significant level of digital and technological intervention.

“Life in the UK / Balance of Probabilities”
1 October – 27 November
Castlefield Gallery

A debut UK commission by Istanbul based artists Osman Bozkurt and Didem Özbek of PiST/// for the Asia Triennial Manchester 2011. As the only artists to participate in the Triennial from Turkey, this project focuses on the issue of freedom of travel exploring one of the most salient issues of our time; the movement of people from one place to other parts of the world, whether for leisure or immigration.