Dak’Art 2012: This candidacy concerns exclusively the African artists and African Diaspora artists.

Application documents must reach the General Secretariat of the Biennale lately
the 5 th of december 2011.

Application form Dak’Art 2012 see www.dakart.org.

The application form (.pdf) to be filled in Acrobat and sent back by email.
The general regulation (.pdf) (COMING SOON in English)

The duly completed application documents must be sent to the following address:

Secrétariat Général de la Biennale de Dakar
19, Avenue Hassan II (ex Avenue Albert Sarraut)
B.P. 3865 Dakar – RP. Sénégal

The Biennale of Contemporary African Art, Dak’Art 2012 will take place in Dakar from May 11 th until June 10th 2012.