Curated by Jan Hoet and Tian Ye, 2nd Western China International Art Biennale has the Theme “Environment and Art”.

To warn people by the strength of art and to protect the environment by the srength of human beings are the main idea of the 2nd Western China International Art Biennale. There are three exhibitions under the theme of “environment and art”—-“theme exhibition”,”Desert plan” and “China Cutting-edge artists Exhibition”.

The Western China, with its desert landscape, is an untapped virgin land with tremendous potential. Though the local people have paid lots of effort to protect the environment here, the serious soil and water erosion and desertification still lead to a slow social development. The environment problem in Western China which has been being put much concerned about calls for more attention from all around the world.

The second Western China International Art Biennale will be held in TianYe Art Museum in Yinchuan, Ningxia province. For the first time, dozens of top-level artists will develop an international environment protection campaign: They will make an on-the-spot investigation in Yinchuan City and make large installation art works complex according to the desert landscape. This will be a totally new experience to both the Biennale and artists. They will be able to break down their bondages, rebuild their own social status, and establish new ways to communicate with audience.

2nd Western China International Art Biennale will take place from Oct. 12, 2012 – Jan. 12., 2013.