The Shanghai Inter-City Pavilions’ Project focuses on the interesting connections and energy exchanges between people and cultures which, in nowadays globalized world, are more likely to be identified within local communities rather than in national contexts.

The Shanghai Inter-City Pavilions’ Project takes place in the the frame of 9th Shanghai Biennale “Reactivation”.

Shanghai in its quest to become an international city, considered by many a ‘foreign” city in China, can find its own identity through the confrontation with other places, harbors and friends, that had portrayed the contemporary status of art not in a generic way, but in the punctual and relevant projects presented in each pavilion.

So, despite this general and global tendency of amalgamation and simplification, the City Pavilions’ Project stands as a memento of independence of the extraordinary local. The individuality as an irreplaceable fragment of a bigger pictures that, with no pretentions of representing the whole, gives a glimpse of it, suggesting one of the many possible interpretations as a verse of a much more complicated poem.

The cities presented are in alphabetical order and followed by the curatorial team/organization:

  • Amsterdam Henk Slager
  • Antwerp Phillipe Pirotte
  • AucklandVincent Ward
  • Bandung  Agung Jennong / Charles Esche / Defne Ayas / Davide Quadrio
  • Barcelona Julia Morandeira
  • Berlin Peter Anders
  • Bogota Juan Andres Gaitan
  • Brooklyn Cleopatra’s
  • Daejeon Kim Jiyon
  • Dakar  Koyo Kouoh
  • Detroit Rebecca Mazzei
  • Diankou Qiu Zhefeng
  • Dusseldorf Beate Reifenscheid, Qi Yang
  • Istanbul Defne Ayas / Davide Quadrio
  • Lille Metropole Pierre Giner
  • Lima Jose Carlos Mariategui, Jorge Villacorta
  • Los Angeles Lauri Firstenberg
  • Mexico City, Magali Arriola, Daniela Perez, Moscow Nikolai Molok
  • Mumbai Diana Campbell/ Susan Hapgood
  • Palermo Laura Barreca / Davide Quadrio
  • Pittsburgh Chelsea Haines
  • Rhone-Alpes (Lyon) Thierry Raspail
  • San Francisco Chris Fitzpatrick
  • Sao Paulo Adriano Pedrosa
  • Sendai Shimizu Tamotsu / Kai Kenji
  • Sydney Aaron Seto / Toby Chapman / Sharon Chen as Curatorial project manager of the Sydney City Pavilion
  • Tehran Nina Moaddel / Benham Kamrani
  • Ulan Bator Uranchimeg (Orna) Tsultem
  • Vancouver Daina Augait

Supervised by: the 9th Shanghai Biennale chief curator Qiu Zhijie and co-curators Boris Groys, Jens Hoffman and Johnson Chang Tsong-zung
Organized by:  The Organizing Committee of Shanghai Biennale; managed by Davide Quadrio, Francesca Girelli and Huang Mi. In collaboration with Shanghai Huangpu district government.

Time: 2nd October 2012 to 31st December 2012

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