Biennale Regard Bénin 2012: “Inventing World: The Artist as Citizen”. from 08 november 2012 to 13 january 2013.

Abdallah Karroum. Photo: africansuccess.org

Biennale Regard Bénin 2012
Inventing the Word: The Artist
as Citizen

November 8, 2012–January 13, 2013
Opening: November 8, 6pm
Centre Kora, Cotonou

Artistic directors: Abdellah Karroum, Didier Houénoudé and Stephan Köhler
The committee of Art History Students of the University UAC Cotonou
Curatorial Advisors: Georges Adéagbo, Yuki Asai (Japan) and Ricardo Sardenberg (Brazil)
Executive Directors: Dominique Zinkpè and Ousmane Aledji
Scientific Advisor: Romuald Tchibozo

Inventing the World: The Artist as Citizen takes public initiatives that have occurred in Benin in recent years such as Meschac Gaba’s Musée de l’Art et de la Vie Active (MAVA) and Zinkpè’s Boulev’art as a starting point to interrogate the notion of the artist as citizen both as an aesthetic idea and an ethical project. Biennale Bénin 2012will present new commissions and existing works by 36 artists as part of the international exhibition and feature nearly a hundred additional artists in the Special Projects, Encounters and Workshops.

Abdallah Karroum (b. 1970), is art critic and curator, Commissaire d’expositions, founder of L’appartement 22 à Rabat, the éditions hors’champs in Paris. He was curator of the 7th Biennale Dakar 2006.

Interview with Abdallah Karroum about Biennale Bénin in artmediaagency (in french).

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