BiennaleOnline 2013 – “Connecting the Dots: The Evolution Will Be Social”.

For BiennaleOnline’s inaugural exhibition, eight young and emerging curators from eight major metropolitan centers—Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Dubai, Mumbai, and Beijing—have been invited to participate under Jan Hoet’s creative leadership as Artistic Director.

Each curator will identify an emerging talent, and select the best new works by this artist. The exhibition will present work by a total of 104 individual artists. Curators will consider traditional media, installations, performance, photography, and new media that reflect the current economic, social, and technological changes taking place throughout the world.

Select commissioned projects will be featured exclusively at BiennaleOnline in a Special Focus section of the site. In addition, eight renowned artists, eight established collectors, and eight celebrity collectors will each present one artist whose work holds particular interest to them.

The first edition of BiennaleOnline starting February 23, 2013, and will be running through 2013. The admission will be free with site registration.

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