Kulturforum Süd-Nord and The Biennale Regard Benin would like to thank the artists, partners and sponsors for their contributions.

A Tea + ? in Venice

Thursday, May 30th 2013
16.30 – 18.30 Campo Arsenale at  The ArsenalBar

In Venice will be handed out a  journal with a complete list of the names of the artists, team members, sponsors, partners, results, and some photos. It will also be available in pdf format as download.

Limited space – please confirm to regardbenin@gmail.com

The participants:

Aboudia (Ivory Coast) Georges Adéagbo (Benin) José Bento (Brazil) Daphné Bitchatch (France) Radovan Cerevka (Slovakai) Alice Creischer (Germany) Théodore Dakpogan (Benin) Benjamin Deguenon (Benin)Cecilia Edefalk (Sweden) Harun Farocki (Germany) Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba) Francois -Xavier Gbré (Ivory Coast-France) Siri Hermansen (Norway) Alfredo Jaar (Chile) Isaac Julien (Great Britain) Clemencia Labin (Venezuela) Tara Mahapatra (Germany) Tobias Lange (Germany) Christiane Löhr (Germany) Sayako Oguri (Japan) Zon Sakai (Japan) Andreas Siekmann (Germany) Jonathan Terranova (U.S.A.) Albert Watson (U.S.A.) Lois Weinberger (Austria)  Christelle Yaovi (Benin) Seraphin Zounyekpe (Benin) 5 Projects of the University of Fine Arts Hamburg HFBK: Project 1 Benno Hinkes,  Regina Weiss, René Kanzler Project 2 Eylien König, Martina Mahlknecht, Doris M. Schmidt, Martin Prinoth Project 3: Bernhard Hetzenauer, Jonas Schaul, Lisa Sperling Project 4 Christiane Blattmann, Aleen Solari Project 5 Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Philip Pichler, Rebekka Seubert Scientific Projects:  Carlotta Werner: improved hearths a GIZ research. Severin Tchibozo:  research on endangered species in the mangrove belt.

Magazines and Publications that contributed a set of publications to be exhibited in the National Print Shop.NKA – Cornell University, Atlantica – Canary Islands, Chimurenga – Capetown, CTL Press – Hamburg, Prince Claus Fund publications – Amsterdam and Kawik Publishing Germany.

ABT- Foundation Cotton made in Africa Hamburg, Bank of Africa BOA, BM:UK Ministry of Education and Culture of Austria, Ditze Stiftung Hamburg, Europcar Benin, Federal Republic of Germany – Foreign Office, IFA-Germany, Hotel du Port, Konrad Adenauer Foundation Benin, OCA Office of Contemporary Art Norway, The Prince Claus Fund – Amsterdam, Sonaec Cotonou.

The presidential Office of the Republic of Benin that allowed the association Regard Benin to use the historic halls of the National Print Shop in Porto Novo. The Ministry of Culture Benin. The American Cultural Center Cotonou, The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Gallery Cecil Fakhouri Abidjan, Artisttik Africa Cotonou, CIRTEF Postproduction Center – Cotonou, GIZ- German Cooperation. HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg, Kawik Publishing Germany, The National Print Shop – Porto Novo, The Radio Univers Abomey Calavi.

Photo: Séraphin Zounyekpe

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