Public Alchemy, the Public Programme of the 13th Istanbul Biennial titled “Mom, am I barbarian?” continues with its third event series on Friday, 10 May and Saturday, 11 May.

 “Public Capital”, the third cluster of  the biennial Public Programme will feature a discussion on the relations between private capital and contemporary artistic production and the making of publics in the context of the Istanbul’s burgeoning art scene.

Organised by the 13th Istanbul Biennial in scope of Public Alchemy aiming to bring together artistic production and knowledge production, “Public Capital” will take place on Friday, 10 May at The Marmara Taksim and Saturday, 11 May at Salon IKSV. Public Alchemy, the public programme of the 13th Istanbul Biennial is co-curated by Fulya Erdemci and Dr. Andrea Phillips, who works as a reader in Fine Art in the Department of Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, and the director of the Doctoral Research Programmes in Fine Art and Curating.

The event, titled “Public Capital” will examine the relation between private capital, contemporary artistic production and the making of publics in the context of Istanbul’s burgeoning art scene. Questions explored in the two day event will include: how  the art market shapes the ways in which contemporary art is made public; the impact of money on ‘autonomous’ artistic production; the relations between structures of the art market and broader questions of contemporary financialisation; the position of artistic labour within the logic of the capitalist market; the relation between contemporary art market and cultural and arts institutions; the impact of private sponsorship and  changing fund-raising conditions on artistic production and the institutions in which contemporary art is exhibited and disseminated.

In order to find detailed information, programme of Public Capital and the biographies of programme participants please click here.

The event will be free of charge. Reservation is required. Pleasee-mail rezervasyon@iksv.org to make a reservation. Simultaneous translation will be available for all events.

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