The first shortlist of artists for the Singapore Biennale 2013 (SB2013) has been revealed.

Ahmad Abu Bakar, Sampan (working title). Courtesy Singapore Biennale

Singapore Biennale 2013: If The World Changed
26 October 2013–16 February 2014

As Singapore’s key international platform dedicated to foster artist presentation and discourse in contemporary art, this year’s Biennale is focused on harnessing the energy of the Southeast Asia region to build a distinctive Asian identity for itself. Through a collaborative curatorial model that combines the specialised knowledge of 27 co-curators from across Southeast Asia, 52 artists have been identified.

The list comprises established as well as emerging artists selected for their proposals that resonate with the title of SB2013—If The World Changed. Collectively, they demonstrate the breadth of art styles and the diverse and unique contemporary art practices of the Southeast Asia region, which span various mediums, including installations, paintings, photography, video and collaborative works co-created with local communities in the region.

First shortlist of artists:

  • Ahmad Abu Bakar (Singapore)
  • Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina (Indonesia)
  • Jainal Amambing (Malaysia)
  • Ang Soo Koon (Singapore)
  • AX(iS) Art Project (Philippines)
  • Boo Junfeng (Singapore)
  • Chris Chong Chan Fui (Malaysia)
  • Marisa Darasavath (Laos)
  • Leslie de Chavez (Philippines)
  • Guo Yixiu (Singapore)
  • Iswanto Hartono & Raqs Media Collective (Indonesia/India) /
  • Dusadee Huntrakul (Thailand)
  • Lai Chee Kien (Singapore)
  • Erica Lai (Singapore)
  • Le Brothers (Vietnam)
  • Sean Lee (Singapore)
  • Liao Jiekai (Singapore)
  • Hazel Lim (Singapore)
  • Lim Shing Ee & Kazunori Takeishi (Singapore)
  • Nikki Luna (Philippines)
  • Kumari Nahappan (Singapore)
  • Ng Joon Kiat (Singapore)
  • Krit Ngamsom (Thailand)
  • Nguyen Huy An (Vietnam)
  • Nguyen Uu Dam Tran (Vietnam)
  • Oanh Phi Phi (Vietnam)
  • Nipan Oranniwesna (Thailand)
  • Po Po (Myanmar)
  • Eko Prawoto (Indonesia)
  • Anggun Priambodo (Indonesia)
  • Francois Roche (France/Thailand/Germany)
  • Rosid (Indonesia)
  • Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore)
  • Siete Pesos (Philippines)
  • Albert Samreth (Cambodia)
  • Svay Sareth (Cambodia)
  • Angie Seah (Singapore)
  • Jeremy Sharma (Singapore)
  • Shirley Soh (Singapore)
  • Speak Cryptic (Singapore)
  • Prateep Suthathongthai (Thailand)
  • Talaandig Artists (Philippines)
  • Royston Tan (Singapore)
  • Tay Bee Aye (Singapore)
  • Chi Too (Malaysia)
  • Nopchai Ungkavatanapong (Thailand)
  • Suzann Victor (Singapore)
  • Ken & Julia Yonetani (Japan/Australia)
  • Mahardika Yudha (Indonesia)
  • Zulkifli Yusoff (Malaysia)
  • Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore)
  • ZNC (Singapore)

Photo: Ahmad Abu Bakar, Sampan (working title). Courtesy Singapore Biennale

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