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“A-BIENNALE (Behold the intangible)” is an art biennial in a form of the book, a reflection on current expanding and inflationary model of the biennials and big exhibitions in general.

“A-Biennale” is listed as the upcoming project of Sternthal Books.

Its aim is to draw attention toward writing and critically thoughts instead of propagate even more artists, curators, venues, fairs etc. and move the interest to intangible economies within the art market.

Its main subject is relation of the art work to the (art)world in different notions and contexts of fiction(s), raising a question about its function, relationship and influence on knowledge and aesthetic transformation. Its attempt is also to explore the socio-political as well as cultural and artistic factors that may influence critical judgment of fiction.

The idea to establish Biennial in written/pritned form was inspired by the fact that over a hundred cyclical events around the world are organized and we are unable to keep the track of everything that happens. Many recipients both amateurs and professionals, feel that those complex projects exceed their perception and capabilities of the human body. Inter alia, for this reason I decided to create a biennale only in a form of its catalogue that gives the event more structured and organized form which, at least theoretically, we can embrace. It is also a kind of counteract the recent expanding and inflationary biennial model (more artists, more venues, more cities etc.).

Therefore the exhibition exists in a material form (book/catalogue) which contains non-material artworks, existing only in our imagination, occupying simultaneously the material space of the book and mental space of imagination constituting its topology, existing somehow without the time and physical space.

The main goal is to focus on the art world as a medium to create an art work. It brings up the problem of art as a medium in its own right and raises the question whether can (or even “should”) speak for itself? Whether art may be a way to rethinking the art history?

First shortlist of participants:

  • Eve Andree Laramee
  • Michael Arcega
  • Michael Blum
  • Diego Gutiérrez-Valladares
  • Tim Etchells
  • John Fare
  • Richard Fergusson
  • Dirk Dietrich Hennig
  • Mikko Kuorinki
  • Brandon LaBelle
  • Matthieu Laurette
  • Marcos Lutyens
  • Erik Niedling (with Ingo Niermann)
  • The Phoenix Atlas
  • The Puntos Cegos
  • Paul Schiatsumo
  • Ksawery Sominski
  • Tommy Stockel

To support this project you are warmly invited to donate the A-BIENNALE.
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