vice versa, the Italian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, explores the complexity that characterizes Italian contemporary art.

vice versa

edited by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi

published by Mousse Publishing

With texts by Marco Belpoliti, Stefano Catucci, Stefano Chiodi, Andrea Cortellessa, Gabriele Guercio, Riccardo Venturi and Elena Volpato

Following Giorgio Agamben’s concept where in order to interpret Italian culture it is necessary to identify a “series of polarized conjugate concepts,” Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, curator of the exhibition, has chosen seven binomials around which the show and the catalogue are structured: body/history, view/place, sound/silence, perspective/surface, familiar/strange, system/fragment and tragedy/comedy. vice versa is divided into seven chapters—one for each pairing—that present the work of two artists with a critical text, a wide selection of images of the works, technical specifications and information on the artists’ research.


Francesco Arena, Massimo Bartolini, Gianfranco Baruchello, Elisabetta Benassi, Flavio Favelli, Luigi Ghirri, Piero Golia, Francesca Grilli, Marcello Maloberti, Fabio Mauri, Giulio Paolini, Marco Tirelli, Luca Vitone, Sislej Xhafa

The Italian Pavilion is realized by the Directorate-General for the Landscape, Fine Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Art (PaBAAC) of the Ministry for Cultural Assets, Activities and for Tourism through the Architectural and Contemporary Art.

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