Today in Africa, you will come across divergent conversations between different kinds of people; African with African, African with European, Indian with American, all talking about the status of Africa in the global village.

Kampala Art Biennale 2014

Progressive Africa

August 2014

Artistic Director: Daudi Karungi

Jury: Raphael Chikukwa, Zimbabwe; Jimmy Ogonga, Kenya; Bandile Gumbi, South Africa; C. Krydz Ikwuemesi, Nigeria

Theme & Concept:

Progressive Africa is a theme derived from the current Pan African – and increasingly global discussion of AFRICA IS NOW versus AFRICA IS THE FUTURE.

Some will say Europe and the rest of the world are moving to Africa for opportunities while others will say African economies are growing into Global markets. In these conversations there is talk about which strategies are the best to accelerate Africa’s progress towards fulfilling the millennium development goals (MDGS) such as curbing poverty, improving formal education. There are even those who express doubt whether this education is important at all. There is increased concern from the west about increased Chinese investment on the continent. The growing urbanization of African populations fuelled by the increased entrepreneurial shift into the service industry is also an issue of note. All these vibrations suggest one thing; that something is happening on the African continent whether right now as it moves into the future.

The Kampala Art Biennale 2014 is part of this discussion under the theme PROGRESSIVE AFRICA. It is calling on African painters, photographers, illustrators, cartoonists, writers and all 2D media artists to present their perception of the current status of Africa through visual art. The verdict will result in over 100 images pro or against the purported progress, with viewers and visitors joining in on the discussion with the help of the visual aids. We believe that this will result in questioning of African political, social and economic practices.

The Kampala Art Biennale 2014 is set to serve as a conduit through which to start a debate that we so desperately need right now about a modern and progressive Africa starting right here in Kampala. There is a need to generate discussions centered on looking beyond aid to the financial resources Africa needs to enable transformative growth.

Overarching goals:

• Exposure of Contemporary Art from Africa to Ugandans;
• Exposure of Contemporary Art from Uganda to Africans;
• Educate the Kampala society about the value and importance of contemporary art in general;
• Exchange between African artists and practitioners;
• Use art to build Kampala and Uganda as a preferred tourist destination;
• Use art to rebuild the creative, jubilant, celebratory spirit of Kampala.

Main Exhibition Venues:

  • Traditional art venues – for their significance in promoting and exhibiting art in Uganda.
  • Community venue (community center/video hall/church) in a heavily populated Kampala location – to put art in people’s everyday lives.
  • Non-traditional art venue (warehouse, factory, unfinished/ unoccupied building).
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