The Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale is an international exhibition held under a different theme every three years to introduce the most up-to-date tendencies in art from 21 countries and some regions in Asia.

5th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale

Panorama of the NextWorld:
Breaking out into the Future

September, 6 –  November, 30,  2014

Artistic Director: Kuroda Raiji

Venue: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and its vicinity


The Future: The Unpredictable Generation of Time

The future which we speak of here does not result from the regular, mechanical progression of time that we passively experience. Instead, this future is characterized by intermittent development with evolutional leaps which push our present into obsolescence through dramatic changes in our knowledge, technology and environment. Thus nobody can know when the future world will come. The seeds of the future might have already germinated somewhere around us, but they remain unnoticed by us or hidden by unknown powers.

Panorama of the NextWorld: Developing Expansive Visions

The future which we assuredly await is no longer inspired by a utopian world filled with ideals. This is particularly so because differing political, economic and religious values have caused unnegotiable confrontations in our reality, and scientific and technological innovations are further deepening the enigma of our world. The NextWorld awaits our arrival beyond this labyrinthine reality without any chance of escape. The panorama of the NextWorld is not created by a closed, fixed or egocentric view, but rather by a multi-faceted, deviant and endlessly expanding vision.

Breaking Out: Engendering a New World

What we need now is not a suspension of thinking forced upon us by the pressures and limits of this labyrinthine reality or by an illusion of a comfortable utopia.  Instead, we need an imagination that enables us to perceive the contradictions and seams in this world, and transform them into a new world vision; reimagining images, concepts or relationships.  FT5 will introduce Asian artists who can visualize the NextWorld with their panoramic perspectives of the future. We also hope FT5 can connect with and develop the vision of each participating artist in anticipation of the birth of a new world.


1. Exhibition: Paintings, Sculptures, Video Works, Installation and others

2. Special Section: “New Era of Mongolian Painting: From Tradition to the Modernity“.
Featuring the artwork of about 10 emerging artists from Mongolia, thesection introduces traditional Mongolian paintings (zurag) under a remarkable transformation, which incorporate contemporary and urban subjects, while utilizing its traditional techniques.

3. Art Exchange Programs: Art exchange events with the local people by participating artists in the exhibition)

Participating artists:

  • Haider Ali Jan – Pakistan
  • Mehreen Murtaza – Pakistan
  • Prabhakar Pachpute – India
  • Ratheesh T. – India
  • Rohini Devasher – India
  • Pradeep Thalawatta – Sri Lanka
  • Sunil Sigdel – Nepal
  • Dechen Roder – Bhutan
  • Pema Tshering – Bhutan
  • Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty – Bangladesh
  • Zihan Karim  Bangladesh
  • Min Thein Sung – Myanmar
  • The Maw Naing – Myanmar
  • Chulayarnnon Siriphol – Thailand
  • Sherman Ong – Malaysia
  • PHUNK – Singapore
  • Bounpaul Phothyzan – Laos
  • Anida Yoeu Ali – Cambodia
  • Studio Revolt, Sugano Masahiro, Kosal Khiev – Cambodia
  • Nguyen Trinh Thi – Vietnam
  • Phan Quang – Vietnam
  • Prilla Tania – Indonesia
  • Muhammad Alinormin Hj Omarali – Brunei
  • Kiri Dalena – Philippines
  • Lkhagvadorj Enkhbat – Mongolia
  • Nandin-Erdene Budzagd – Mongolia
  • Bu Hua – China
  • Lu Yang – China
  • Yang Yongliang – China
  • Agi Chen – Taiwan
  • Yuan Goang-ming – Taiwan
  • Choi Jeonghwa – Korea
  • Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho – Korea
  • WATAGATA Arts Network – Japan (Fukuoka)
  • anno lab – Japan (Fukuoka)
  • Yoshinaga Koutaku – Japan (Fukuoka)