Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art and Gwangju Biennale Foundation will be jointly hosting an international forum on Tuesday, September 2 and Thursday, September 4. Under the theme “Expanding Experiences in Art,” the forum will provide grounds for discussion on how art institutions throughout the world are investing innovative efforts to expand experiences in art for audiences.

“Expanding Experiences in Art”
September 2–4, 2014

Forum part I: Tuesday, September 2, 1–5:30pm
Session 1: Evolving Exhibitions and Transforming Museums
Session 2: Redefining Museum Experiences in the Digital Era

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art Auditorium


Forum part II: Thursday, September 4, 9:30am–1:30pm
Session 3: Proliferation of International Exhibitions and Evolution of Contemporary Art
Session 4: Walking with Artists

Gwangju Biennale Gəsigi Hall


The four sessions of the forum are outlined below.

Part I
Keynote speech: Sir Nicholas Serota (Director, Tate, London)

Session 1: Evolving Exhibitions and Transforming Museums
Art museums have changed from traditional establishments displaying and preserving important works of art  into social institutions that communicate, educate and entertain through art. Exhibitions have also broken out of their conventional roles as channels to convey cultural, artistic and social messages and have evolved into open arenas for experimentation of diverse methods to enhance visitor experience and participation. Session 1 will explore a new paradigm in which such changes are developing in exhibitions and museums.

Session 2: Redefining Museum Experiences in the Digital Era
The advancement of cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches using digital media are expanding the meaning and realm of museum experiences. Session 2 will discuss how the use of digital technology is redefining museum experiences through an overview of cases and projects carried out by various organizations and explore the new direction in which art museums are headed.

Part II
Session 3: Proliferation of International Exhibitions and Evolution of Contemporary Art
Session 3, a roundtable discussion, will examine the state and meaning of biennales that have emerged and evolved throughout the turbulent course of the development of contemporary art. Panelists will systematically and multilaterally evaluate international biennales based on their experiences planning and executing the events and discuss ways to build new relationships and increase public engagement.

Session 4: Walking with Artists
“Walking with Artists” is an honor and a great challenge. Due to societal limitations and frameworks, the creation of museums and foundations dedicated to the arts often requires a formidable sense of duty to serve the arts. Art has become a collective account of both the artists and its patrons, because of their intensive involvement in its growth. Art is a reflection of social issues rather than simply a system of personal expression or the subject of academic analysis. The value judgments of contemporary art patrons have become important in promoting the public interest.

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