4th International Canakkale Biennial has its conceptual framework structured upon ‘1914-1918-The Centenary of World War I’.

4th International Canakkale Biennial

Only the Dead havd Seen the End of War (Plato)

27 September – 2 November 2014

General Art Director: Beral Madra
General Director: Seyhan Boztepe
CABININ Executive Curator: Deniz Erbaş

4th International Canakkale Biennial welcomes 37 artists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Russia, Serbia, Romania,  Lebanon, Palestine, Armenia, USA, Italy, Greece, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Turkey to its main exhibition.

The Biennial provides an open communication and a collaboration platform for the international community and enables a comprehensive revaluation of the impacts of 1st World War and the 20th century at local, national and international levels on today’s political configuration and the historical geography of the Ottoman Empire as well.

The biennial has invited those artists and experts who are mostly prominent with their specific works of art interpreting the consequences of war and peace cycles and the following political, economical, social and cultural consequences in Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasia and in the Middle-East. The sensitivity, anticipation and subtlety within their works are not only focused on the conditions in their own countries, but also on the effects on other countries and societies as well; thus, all together, they accomplish an accurate body of a common visual memory and a valuable accumulation of images. We believe the presentation of those works shall create a substantial and a stimulating effect on the intellectual capacity of the younger generations.

As for the facilities, the three floors of Dogtas building in city center shall serve as the main location for the 4th International Canakkale Biennial. As previously, the Biennial shall use the special buildings and venues of historical importance like Korfmann Library, old Armenian Church, Mahal Art Center and the storehouses in the vicinity.

Along with paintings, photographs and video works of the artists, which have previously taken place in international exhibitions, their recent works specific to Canakkale Biennial will also be presented.  

Participating artists:

  • Gulcin Aksoy (Istanbul)
  • Maja Bajevic (Paris–Sarajevo)
  • Nigol Bezjian (Beirut)
  • Bashir Borlakov (Istanbul)
  • Songul Boyraz (Wien)
  • Harold De Bree (The Hague)
  • Klaus vom Bruch (Berlin–Munich)
  • Ergin Cavusoglu (London–Istanbul)
  • Ersan Deveci (Izmir)
  • Nezaket Ekici (Berlin–Istanbul)
  • Reha Erdem (Istanbul)
  • Ayse Erkmen (Berlin–Istanbul)
  • Aladdin Garunov (Moscow)
  • Douglas Gordon (London)
  • Murat Gok (Diyarbakır)
  • T. Melih Gorgun (Istanbul)
  • Guven Incirlioglu (Izmir)
  • IRWIN (Ljubljana)
  • Khaled Jarrar (Ramallah)
  • Grigor Khachatryan (Yerevan)
  • Anne Kodura (Berlin)
  • Sitki Kosemen (Istanbul)
  • Raziye Kubat (Istanbul)
  • Radenko Milak (Belgrade)
  • Jehane Noujaim (Boston)
  • Pinar Ogrenci (Istanbul)
  • Ahmet Oktem (Istanbul)
  • Marilena Preda Sanc (Bucharest)
  • Antonio Riello (Milan–London–Asiago)
  • Anri Sala (Paris)
  • Hans Schabus (Wien)
  • Tunca Subasi (Istanbul)
  • Erdal Sezer (Canakkale)
  • Panos Tsagaris (New York–Athens)
  • Astrid Walsh (Dublin)
  • Viron Vert (Berlin–Istanbul)
  • Akram Zaatari (Beirut)
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