Apply Now: International Competitions for KOBE Biennale 2015.


September 19 – November 23, 2015

1. Art in a Container International Competition

Dry containers will be converted into unique exhibition spaces to house the Art in a Container International Competition.

Artists will be challenged to use their boundless imagination to come up with an expression of the power and potential of art within the 40-foot confined container.

・Application period 2015.2.16 – 2.25

・Exhibit period 2015.9.19 – 11.1

2. SHITSURAI ART International Competition

Artists will be challenged to use their creativity and boundless imagination to create works of Japanese traditional “shitsurai” art—a set of furnishings for decorating a room or space—that make effective use of the waterfront setting.

・Application period 2015.3.2 – 3.11

・Exhibit period 2015.9.19 – 11.23

3. Creative Toys International Competition

We are soliciting innovative toys of artistic quality that use wood, paper, fabric, acrylic or other materials. Creators will be challenged to use their creativity, boundless imagination and novel techniques.

・Application period 2015.4.13 – 4.22

・Exhibit period 2015.9.19 – 11.23

4. Green art competition

Against the backdrop of growing calls for redefining the relationship between man and nature and pursing harmony with nature, we are soliciting works of art that use living plants.

・Application period 2015.4.6 – 4.15

・Exhibit period 2015.9.19 – 11.23

5. Competition of modern ceramic art

We are soliciting contemporary ceramic artworks characterized by the combination of traditional expression styles inherent in Japanese handicraft arts and novel design, whether traditional or avant-garde.

*Further information will be uploaded soon.

6. Painting art competition

Creators will be challenged to effectively show their new-style drawings on a huge wall through the naïve pursuit of “painting pictures.” We are soliciting new-style paintings that are vibrant and full of vitality.

・Application period 2015.3.16 – 3.27

・Exhibit period 2015.9.19 – 11.23

7. Comic illustration International Competition

With the spread of computer graphics and other new tools of expression, comic illustration is gaining popularity as a new genre of art. The comic illustration competition is designed to discover new talents in this genre.

・Application period 2015.5.7 – 5.18

・Exhibit period 2015.9.19 – 11.23

The Office of Organization Committee for Kobe Biennale
Kobe City Hall No. 1 Building, 17F
6-5-1 Kano-cho, Chuo-ku
Kobe 650-8570

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