Paz Errázuriz and Lotty Rosenfeld to represent Chile at 56th Venice Biennale.

Pavilion of Chile at the 56th Venice Biennale

Paz Errázuriz and Lotty Rosenfeld

Poetics of Dissent

Curator: Nelly Richard

Pavilion at Arsenale  – Artiglierie

The concept was selected out of a public competition sponsored by the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Chile (CNCA).

The exhibition assembles work by two Chilean artists, photographer Paz Errázuriz and performance and video artist Lotty Rosenfeld. It is being curated by the cultural theorist Nelly Richard. The three women represent a generation of Chilean activists that developed during the politically tumultuous 1970s, a decade which saw General Augusto Pinochet overthrow Salvador Allende’s democratic government in a bloody coup d’etat and impose his own nearly 20-year-long military dictatorship. “Poéticas de la Disidencia,” however, focuses on present-day Chile, exploring its transition from a dictatorship back into a democratic government.

Image: Paz Errazuriz’s photograph Adam’s Apple (1983). Courtesy The Tate Museum.

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