Curator and artist António Ole shows his own work together with works of four younger artists.

Pavilion of Angola at 56th Venice Biennale

On Ways of Travelling

Benedetto Marcello
Palazzo Pisani
Piazza Santo Stefano
San Marco 2810

Curartor: António Ole
Deputy Curator: Antonia Gaeta

Artists António Ole (b. 1951, Luanda), Binelde Hyrcan (b. 1983, Luanda), Délio Jasse (b. 1980, Luanda), Francisco Vidal (b. 1978, Lisbon) and Nelo Teixeira (b. 1975, Luanda) will be in charge of Angola’s official representation.

From artist António Ole’s central installation, which marks the front and back of the exhibition, Francisco Vidal presents installations made up of a metallic skin of machetes. A symbol of the Angolan resistance, the machete is the support for a remarkable pictorial representation; Délio Jasse showcases a study, in photographic form, of memory, its sedimentation and the reasons for forgetting; Nelo Teixeira follows with a work in which wood forms the basic structure and where the incorporation of the object trouvé accentuates parallel narratives; and finally Binelde Hyrcan, a very eclectic artist in his aesthetic choices, presents video and installation of his most recent research.

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