Save the Date: Biennale Jogja XIII

BIENNALE JOGJA XIII: “Hacking Conflict: Indonesia meets Nigeria”

BJ XIII is the third edition of Equator series featuring 34 artists – 23 artists from Indonesia and 11 artists from Nigeria – and collectives – 6 special projects presented at Festival Equator and 8 projects during the Parallel Events. Within the artistic direction of Rain Rosidi (Yogyakarta), this year event will combine the rich diversity of art practices across the city, connecting artists with communities all over the region of Yogyakarta. The main exhibition is curated by Wok the Rock with associate curator Jude Anogwih from Lagos, Nigeria, composing various projects by artists, encouraging collaborations and audience’s participation so as Hacking Conflict could be actually manifested in the exhibition, and not merely as an illustrated theme by the artists.

We invite you to join the 6 weeks of our celebration, with the following suggestions for your itinerary:

Opening Week

October 29: Special projects with Giripeni community in Kulon Progo – a collaboration of artists and local community, based on mythology with wayang (puppet) as form of action.
October 30: Tour to a few collateral events in Yogyakarta including art spaces, collectives, research center, and others.
November 1: Curatorial discussion, Press Conference and Tour with the curator, Opening night

If you happen to have a longer stay in Indonesia, we would like to inform you that Jakarta Biennale XIV will be open November 14, 2015. We suggest you to also add JB in your schedule, following the later schedule:

Biennale Forum Week
November 18 – 19: Public Discussions
November 26: Performances

Biennale for Young Audiences
December 5: performances by young students related to Biennale Equator’s issues and history.


Ratna Mufida (ratnamufida@yahoo.com) – information on guided tours, schedule and press
Tovic Raharja (tovic.raharja@gmail.com) – hospitality service: hotel reservations, car rental, and special tours

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