The 5th International Çanakkale Biennial

The 5th International Çanakkale Biennial will be held between 24th of September and 6th of November 2016, and will again target an actual global issue that is strongly connected with the geo-political context of the city.

The 5th International Çanakkale Biennial (working title VATAN, HOMELAND, HEIMAT, منزل, PATRIA), with the distinguished participation of artists, art and culture institutions, art critics and curators, will focus on the constant global emigrations, refugees and exiles and on the homeland imaginations bound to 20th century nationalism and its after effects. It will try to raise questions about the sustainability of ideas of national identity and ethnic identity in a world whose borders are becoming increasingly accidental and penetrable. It will try to open discussions on the traditional and post-modern societies which are now in flux, and are being opposed by global sweeping of networks and an excess in visual culture incentives- despite their persistent traditional or modernist socio-political and economic infrastructures and epistemologies. In inviting the artists, curators and institutions to observe, examine and interpret these themes, thesis and discourses, International Çanakkale Biennial intends to reach a vision which will advocate that the migrant is no doubt changed by the society he/she migrated to, but at the same time challenges and transfuses the host society with a new creativity and vision.

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