Rashid Rana named Artistic Director of the first Lahore Biennale

With much excitement and anticipation, the Lahore Biennale Foundation is pleased to announce Rashid Rana as the Artistic Director for its inaugural biennale due to open in November 2017. Distinct in his ideas, imagery and pictorial strategies, Rana, an acclaimed artist in both the local and international context, offers an unfixed and non-prescriptive view of geography and identity through his diverse artistic practice. Occupying multiple simultaneous profiles, Rana converges and mediates between artist, curator, academic and visionary. He currently serves as Dean at the School of Visual Arts and Design at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore

Steering the direction of the first biennale, Rana hopes to expand the production and viewership of art beyond conventional domains thus overturning expectations surrounding exhibitive spaces and art making.

“This biennale will set out to challenge the parameters of both the biennale format and the discipline of art itself, seeking to imagine possible futures and potentials in subversive yet expansive ways. Further, by attempting to engage residents of the city directly, this biennale aims to create a network where participation and power are diffused, creating a horizontally, as opposed to vertically, structured system.” – Rashid Rana

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