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Contemporary Art Biennial as a Site Specific Event: Local versus Global

Edited by Daiva CitvarienÄ—

The tension between the locality of the region and the globality of the art world remains a key aspect of contemporary art biennials. In order to once again reflect on the phenomenon of global culture, this publication dedicated to the 10th Kaunas Biennial presents articles and interviews from Lithuanian and international art historians, curators and culture managers analysing the paradox of locality vs. globality in the history of the phenomenon of biennials. Most of the texts draw on cases studies to look for answers to the questions: can or should biennials become experimental platforms reconsidering relationships between locality and globality? Can they get involved in an active dialogue with the local cultural field and at the same time reassess their goals? Can they have long-term impact on local art scenes and local communities? Can they avoid superficial recycling of cultural values and serve as public forums for local communities? And, finally, what is the future of glocal biennials?

A digital copy of this publication along with other book by Kaunas Biennial are now available from their website

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